Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What brand yarns does YJ&C carry?
A:Being that we are agents and brokers for several mills domestic as well as foreign. We can supply nearly all types of yarns as well as fibers.

Q:What specific yarns do you supply?
A:We try to supply all yarn needs to our customers. However, the economy as well as demand from our customers has dictated that yarns needs to be either in stock or have quick turnaround. The yarns that we carry that meet this criteria are primarily extruded polypropylene yarns. Depending on the denier and filament count, some of our products are in stock or produced on a weekly basis.

Q:What types of fibers are used in your yarns?
A:Over the past 46 years of business we have supplied all fibers and blends to various industries. Cottons, synthetics, blends and novelties are all available.

Q:Do you have any eco-friendly yarns?
A:Yes, we supply more than 50 colors of recycled cotton yarns. These yarns are made from locally collected post-consumer cotton t-shirts trimmings from all major US manufactures. The yarns are then blended with either acylic or polyester fiber for added strength for knitting as well as weaving application.

Q:What are odd lot yarns?
A:Odd lots of yarns can be varied by either discontinued first quality, off spec, over-runs, seconds or sold as a liquidation from a mill closure. There can be many other reasons for odd lot yarns but these are what we find as the rule to apply to most of our listings.

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