Yates Johnson & Company serves two functions with an outstanding commitment to quality and service. One is the ability to supply first quality yarns, either on a made-to-order basis or to pull from our suppliers’ inventories. The other is our ability to sell to customers who need discounted yarns or odd lot/over runs. Furthermore, although we carry a wide variety of yarns, we also get requests for yarns needed specifically for developmental projects. And while we may not always have the yarns needed, we will always research and supply the maximum amount of information and experience we can to each customer.

Weaving Yarns and Knitting Yarns

These are generally yarns needed for a specific application whether it would be for weaving, knitting or any other of a variety of end-uses. Additionally, they require a specific fiber(s), size, and other specified criteria for that application.

These yarns usually include cottons, wools, synthetics, blends, novelties, recycled fibers and technical properties.

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